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Summer Mathematics Programs Consortium

  • Bringing together the leadership of intensive summer math programs in a community to further their work
  • Collaborating to promote and increase math enrichment opportunities nationwide for students in grades 6–12.

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Mission: What are we aiming for?

We create and nurture a shared community for mathematically-intensive summer enrichment programs to improve our work and promote greater access to advanced study in the mathematical sciences for middle and high school students.

Vision: What will the world look like if we succeed?

This thriving community of mathematically intensive summer enrichment programs helps to ensure that young people from all backgrounds have access to deep, challenging, and meaningful mathematical experiences. The work we do together impacts the multitude of academic disciplines and industries supported by the mathematical sciences through increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and through fostering rigorous thinking.

Initial Action Plan

  • Public website. Create a searchable resource with details about each member program's emphasis, mission, and character. Provide resources and tools to help prospective students and staff decide where to apply, and to guide parents, teachers, and other educators in navigating the ecosystem of summer programs.
  • Shared resources. Build a repository of summer program manuals, policies and other documents. Leverage efficiencies of scale, such as jointly recruiting health care staff and sharing server space and technological expertise. More broadly, identify opportunities to support member programs' operations and growth.
  • Annual conference. Bring together member-program representatives, along with invited speakers and affiliates, for an annual fall conference. Topics include program operations, increasing access, ongoing Consortium projects, identifying and planning new Consortium projects, and addressing topical issues.
  • Incubator Program. Design and offer a year-long program that provides resources and mentorship (and down the line, potentially even seed funding) to a cohort of leaders who are in the process of starting new mathematics enrichment programs.
  • Outreach to other constituencies. Represent the interests of summer enrichment programs and build bridges to academia, funders, and other allied communities through conferences (such as the JMM and Mathfest) and partnerships.

The work of the action plan will be carried out by Committees, volunteering time on behalf of the Consortium.