Summer Mathematics Programs Consortium

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These are the founding Consortium member programs:

Mission: What are we aiming for?

We create and nurture a shared community for mathematically-intensive summer enrichment programs to improve our work and promote greater access to advanced study in the mathematical sciences for middle and high school students.

Vision: What will the world look like if we succeed?

This thriving community of mathematically intensive summer enrichment programs helps to ensure that young people from all backgrounds have access to deep, challenging, and meaningful mathematical experiences. The work we do together impacts the multitude of academic disciplines and industries supported by the mathematical sciences through increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and through fostering rigorous thinking.

Initial Action Plan

Membership Criteria

All of our member organizations will run in-person summer programs for middle or high school students in the US, at which all of their participants do intensive mathematics with a focus on enrichment, not acceleration. In an effort toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, member organizations provide need-based financial aid. Member organizations maintain non-profit status (independently or under the umbrella of a college/university/sponsor) and are structured to run programming on an ongoing basis. Members are admitted through an application process. Fellow-traveling organizations, programs, and individuals who do not meet the criteria for membership may become affiliates. (Learn more here.)

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The Summer Mathematics Programs Consortium is a project of the Mathematics Foundation of America (MFOA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We invite you to support our work by making a donation! To discuss a major gift, contact the steering committee.

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